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Welcome to the wiki for the Flickr Nikon D40/D40X and D60 User Club. Here you'll hopefully find information that'll help you get started with you new camera, or learn more about its advanced features.

Of course, if at any time you need more help, feel free to search our forum for previous discussion, or start a new thread if you can't find anything.

By its nature a wiki is always a work-in-progress, but this one is brand-new, so it's even more so. Please bear with as we flesh out the content here - and you're more than welcome to register with Wikidot and lend your own time and knowledge.



What to get? D40 vs D40X vs D60 and Which Camera is Best?
DX v. FX: Should I wait for or plan to upgrade to an FX body?
Manuals and User Guides


Lens Compatibility and List of Lenses that Will Autofocus with the D40/x/D60
I Want to Buy a Second Lens - What Should it Be?
What's a Good Portrait Lens?
Light Transmission Comparisons
Is Vibration Reduction (VR) Important?
What are 'DX' or 'Made for Digital' lenses?


What are my options for using flashes?
What is Nikon's Creative Lighting System?


What's a Good Tripod?


What Filters Should I Buy and Do I Need Filters for Protection?

Close-Up Work

What are my options for taking close-up (macro) photos?


The Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter, ISO
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Bokeh and Depth of Field
Tips for Manual Focus Shooting
Monopod Technique
Scale Focus (Including hyperfocal shooting, etc.)
Low-light shooting


There's a spot in my pictures. What's up with that?
I can't turn on live view
There are these weird flashing areas on my image in playback mode. What's happening?


Content Requests
New Member Greeting Boilerplate

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